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AOR AR-8200 Mk3 QTH Marahau, Tasman Bay, New Zealand

6:50am NZDT 
Mon, 20 Nov 2017 

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AOR AR-8200 Mk3 QTH Marahau, Tasman Bay, New Zealand
Run by Chris Mackerell

  • Temporarily using only indoor whip antenna.
  • Memories are still programmed for Wellington channels, not Marahau.
  • The computer interface used does not allow any squelch control.

 Receiver Internet Control is Online
 Receiver Audio is Offline

Current Receiver Settings

Current frequency = 0 kHz
Current mode = WFM
Current step size = 0 kHz
Attenuator = off
Current S meter reading = squelch open

Most Recent Settings

2017/11/17 00:44 16.665 MHz/CW 
2017/11/16 03:17 6305 kHz/WFM 
2017/11/09 15:27 Mem A00 
2017/11/02 09:34 8867 kHz/USB uwe
2017/11/02 09:33 8867 kHz/USB 
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Tune the Receiver

Frequency: kHz MHz

Mode: FM Wide FM Narrow FM S AM Wide AM AM Narrow USB LSB CW

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Memory Banks

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